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No flight has been loaded jet
P3d v4.2; Fslabs; AS for P3dv4 6620, FSUIPC 5.124 registerd and Wideclient 7.140.
Yesterday I updatetd SODE to version 1.6.2
TOPS is running on a second PC together with AS and IVAP.

Up to now connection via wideclient was no problem. Today I get the message
No flight has been loaded jet
SimConnect is green , the FsLabs 320 and the airport is recognized.
Weather and weight data are not loaded.

I moved the aircraft to another parking spot, reloaded the panel, restarted P3d with no succes.

has someone an idea what I could do?
Thanks Abraxas

Problem solved for the moment.
Went back to WideClient 7.10 and every thing is fine.

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