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Problem with derate
Hello. Currently I am experiencing a problem with my 777 and 737 calculations. Whenever I try to do a flight with either of these planes, the performance calculator always gives me a derate of TO-2 60 degrees even if my 777 is at MTW on a 8000ft runway. I have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the product. I have also tried manually entering the weight into the application itself. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Oh and the version of the app I am using should be the latest (V1.3 if I'm correct).
Same here!!
one more here. Always 60 degrees. Wonder also if a new version is coming out soon? It's been quite.


If the calculated response is 60°, it's probably due to the maximum of assumed temperature allowed for your config.
For information the maximum of derated power in real world for all situation will be 25% of the nominal power of the aircraft.

If you have some trouble, please post a screenshot of tops explaining the situation
ToPS Developments Admin

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